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Sometimes it gets a little depressing thinking about how bookstores are slowly starting to disappear. It accelerated when Borders (and Walden’s) filed bankruptcy last year and closed all their stores. Lately, more and more independent stores are closing their doors. However, I came across a post here on Tumblr the other day about the 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World (see the story here). This got me thinking, there has to be something that we like about bookstores. Yes some people are gravitating towards e-books or ordering off of Amazon. However, there is something that keeps bookstores around and it is a population that wants to preserve them.

Looking at those 20 bookstores, it is easy to see how art and creativity are nurtured in bookstores. Sure the average Barnes & Noble store or Books-A-Million store won’t follow that idea, but these independent stores have broken out of the mold of everyday bookstores. Instead of simply having shelves for books to sit on, the walls have become the shelves or books are on the ceilings. Instead of making a building a place that houses books, these bookstores have changed the concept of what a bookstore should look like. There is beauty in these creations that is not found in most other stores.

What is it that gets you excited about a bookstore? Do you notice the building at all or do you focus on the books?

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